Indoor Gardening Nook

Indoor Gardening Nook

To the indoor gardening enthusiast,
Whatever you love to grow... flowers, herbs, vegetables, you name it... you can grow it indoors, year 'round!

EnviroCept Companies has been providing the finest quality choices for year 'round gardening for 15 years. We've pioneered many unique, patented, and innovative products and are proud to be a primary supplier to most of the indoor garden specialty stores in the country.

Our products are designed and engineered to offer excellent value and convenience to maximize your growing experience. EnviroCept Companies products are built to last and are backed with the longest warranties in the industry!

Enjoy your year 'round gardening experience!
Successful Gardens Start Indoors

Seed Starting Guidelines & Insurance


If you are attempting to start new plants, give them 16-18 hours of light a day. When your seedlings/cuttings are moved to their next lighted environment, be sure to only gradually increase exposure over a few days. Cuttings prefer light that is not too strong. Hot, direst sunlight is not recommended. Full spectrum AGROSUN® fluorescents are excellent for cuttings because they provide sufficient quantity and quality light. Keep the tubes approximately 2-4" away from plant tops and close to the humidity dome cover. Using high intensity lighting is fine for starting seedlings or cuttings as long as it is kept 2-3 feet away.


Seedlings and cuttings should be kept moist, not wet. Do not allow exess standing water. Overly moist conditions can lead to damping off or root rot.


You can transplant when the roots start coming out of the growing medium and new vegetative growth shows.

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